Traded Products


DFPCL imports and supplies Acetone from various manufactures globally. The product is readily available on the east coast as well as on the west coast ports of India. The company has the capability of providing Benzene free Acetone. As a solvent, Acetone finds application in Pharma Industry, in production of rubber chemicals, in defense applications, for production of MMA etc.


DFPCL imports Toluene from world class producers with an ability to source and supply Benzene free Toluene and also Nitration grade Toluene. Toluene finds applications as a solvent in pharma and other industries, fuel and in nitro-aromatics. It is also used in the production of TDI, one of the major precursors of Polyurethanes.


In-order to meet challenges of highly competitively market DFPCL adopted flexible strategy of offering imported and domestically manufactured Methanol, thereby assuring customers the best of both options. Methanol finds wide range of applications in its derivatives such as formaldehyde, in fuel building and as a solvent.


Being India’s leading Ammonia importer, DFPCL offers regular volumes of Ammonia at JNPT port on West Coast.


DFPCL offers molten and hydrated Phenol imported from world-class manufacturers. Phenol finds immense applications in production of Phenol formaldehyde resins used in plywood and decorative laminates. Phenol is also used in Agro-chemicals, Foundry chemicals, in Pharma applications.

Acetic Acid

The demand for Acetic Acid is growing rapidly in the country and DFPCL has strength to cater to this growing demand. Acetic acid is one of the most common solvent for different industrial processes. It finds use in synthesis of various pharmaceutical and agrochemical products. Acetic acid is also precursor to wide range of chemicals including vinyl acetate monomer, acetic anhydride and acetate esters. The acidic medium in the manufacturing of inks and dyes can be maintained with the help of acetic acid. It is also a common food preservative used as acidity regulator in food industry.


DFPCL has started Hexane imports considering challenges faced by the end-user industry. The primary use of hexane to extract vegetable oil from seed crops like cottonseed, mustard seed, peanuts etc. Commercial grades of hexane are used as solvents for pharmaceuticals, adhesives, varnishes, and inks.

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)

To address demand from diverse customer segments, DFPCL has started MIBK imports. Due to its compatibility with many organic materials, MIBK is a good industrial solvent. It is used as solvent for manufacturing of inks and coatings, adhesives and many synthetic resins including cellulose esters and vinyl polymers. Another major application of MIBK is as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of a rubber anti-ozonant additive in tyres.

Mixed Xylene (MX)

Mixed Xylene is traded in two grades, solvent grade and isomer grade depending on the specifications and uses. DFPCL imports solvent-grade MX to cater to the growing market demand in the country. Solvent grade Mixed Xylene is primarily used in paints and coatings and pesticides for solvent application. Isomer-grade xylene is precursor for para-xylene, meta-xylene, ortho-xylene and ethyl-benzene products.

Styrene Monomer (SM)

The start of Styrene imports by DFPCL is a step towards diversifying the solvent-portfolio of the company. Styrene is mainly used in the manufacture of homopolymers and copolymers. The most important polymer manufactured from styrene is polystyrene, which finds major use in packaging applications such as containers, closures, lids and vending cups.