Technical Ammonium Nitrate
Technical Ammonium Nitrate
Technical Ammonium Nitrate
Technical Ammonium Nitrate

Overview of TAN

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Technical Ammonium Nitrate in the world and the only producer of explosive grade Low Density Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (LDAN) in India.

With an installed capacity of almost half a million MTPA, STL is the preferred partner and the critical backbone of the mining, infrastructure and explosives-manufacturing industries in India and globally.

Continuing its legacy of supplying high-quality products and in-time services, STL has established a prime position for itself as a partner of choice and preferred supplier across its customers. We are the only company to adopt the four eminent Technical Ammonium Nitrate manufacturing know-how and technologies in the world, guaranteeing consistent quality, thermally stabilized and free flowing products.

We manufacture different types of Technical Ammonium Nitrate products with different technology to suit requirement for our customers, delivering specific solutions for their applications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are strategically located at the Eastern and Western coasts of India to efficiently cater to the domestic as well as International markets.

Platinum Blasting Services

The company along with the team of experts in explosive industry and blasting science, formed its first overseas venture named Platinum Blasting Services Pty Ltd in Australia in late 2014.

At Platinum Blasting Services, we provide industry leading, safe, cost efficient and innovative blasting solutions to the Australian mining sector. Our focus is on delivering unrivalled levels of customer service through a flexible and truly partnering approach. Our suite of services cover the full range of customer requirements including explosives supply, logistics and regulatory support, blast design, blasting advice, down the hole loading and shot firing.

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Ranked amongst leading producers of TAN in the world

producer of explosive grade low density prilled AN

The only producer of explosive grade low density prilled AN in India.


India’s largest TAN complex producing AN Melt, HDAN and LDAN


World-class quality with domestic scale

technical service

Ability to provide Just-In-Time technical service knowledge

international market

Catering to International market such as Middle East, Africa, Australia, and South-East Asia